Three ways to drive your haulage business forward with Satago

January 28, 2021
Three ways to drive your haulage business forward with Satago

There are plenty of difficulties facing the transport sector in the UK currently, not least the red tape of Brexit and ongoing ramifications of Covid. It’s even impossible nowadays to take your packed lunch cross-border!

One challenge that promises to be around for longer, however, is the availability of cash versus ever-spiralling costs in the sector.  

So what can those in the transport industry do to make sure their cash keeps flowing? This month, we’re exploring three ways you can use Satago’s services to help navigate your way around the cashflow obstacles in the road, giving you the green light to grow.

  1. Insurance, fuel, taxes, wages, repairs and maintenance – don’t let these overheads put the brakes on your haulage business. By releasing up to 85% of the value of your unpaid invoices through Satago’s selective invoice finance facility, you can meet those costs today without the worry of increasingly long payment terms.
  1. With increasing admin burdens, managing your credit control probably falls to the back of the queue of priorities which in turn can then affect your cashflow. Why not let Satago’s fully automated email reminders carry the load for you? No more worrying about chasing your customers for payment – that’s credit control in cruise control.  
  1. Don’t let a bad-debt stall your progress. Satago’s risk insights tool will give you full oversight of the risk profiles of your customers, alerting you to any changes and allowing you to check potential new customers before entering into work with them.

If you’d like more information on how you can give your haulage business a cashflow MOT, please get in touch with me today.

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