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Unleash your business with invoice finance

Leverage the value of your outstanding invoices with a flexible, transparent way to free up funds and keep cashflow covered.

Wherever your business ambitions take you, keep your cashflow moving, never miss an opportunity, and grow with Invoice Finance.

Finance your Business
Growing your business

Build your business with faster, flexible financing

Your time is valuable, whether you need to urgently buy new stock, meet a sudden demand spike, or pay an unexpected bill.

Satago is the only platform in the UK that lets you seamlessly switch between selective and full invoice finance, as needed.

Satago gives you a level of speed and flexibility that’s built to benefit any business, no matter your size, industry or sector.

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Full Invoice Finance Selective Invoice Finance
Full Invoice Finance

Fund all your eligible invoices automatically

Confidential, with clear and transparent pricing. Finance all your eligible invoices — for fast and easy access to continuous business growth.

We maintain a secure connection to your accounting software to update your facility limit in real time, so you always know exactly how much funding is available.

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Selective Invoice Finance

Selectively fund individual invoices

With Selective Invoice Finance, there's no long-term, or ongoing commitments.

Selectively fund the invoices you need to, when you want to, and only pay for the services you’re using.

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