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5 features you didn’t know Satago had

January 31, 2022 | 3 minutes

The Satago platform is designed to help you manage your cashflow. From providing you with risk insights for you customers, to automating your credit control and providing you with flexible finance to fill any cashflow gaps you may have, Satago’s 3-in-1 solution keeps you on top of your biggest asset – your cash.

With a platform that is full of great features, it can be hard to know all of the amazing features that are available. Therefore, we have created a summary of some of the most popular/handy features that a lot of clients aren’t immediately aware of:

1. Email delivery status

Have you ever wondered whether those payment chaser e-mails you’re sending are being read, or even received? Satago monitors all the emails that you send clients through the platform, allowing you to see whether each e-mail has been received and opened by your customers.

2. Personalise templates for individual customers

Do you have customers that you know too well for automated e-mail reminders? With Satago, you can personalise templates for some or all your customers to ensure you provide the personal touch without all the manual effort.

3. Send monthly statements on demand

Collating statements and sending them to clients can be time consuming and lead to human error. The instant statement feature on Satago means you can send any of your customers a snapshot of everything they owe or everything that’s overdue, at any time.

4. Risk concentrations

Focusing on your most overdue invoices doesn’t always mean focusing on your riskiest invoices. Our risk concentrations report combines aged debt with a range of external risk indicators to highlight where the most risk lies and where you should focus your attention.

5. Customer credit summary report

The customer credit summary report provides a handy summary of the average number of days beyond terms that your customers pay you, as well as a benchmark of how other companies in the same industry pay.

These are just some of the great features that are available to all customers on the Satago platform. Not sure if it is right for your business? Satago offers a 2-week full free trial of all these features. Just register here to see how Satago can help your business manage cashflow.

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