Satago Credit Control as a Service (CCaaS)

Mission control for client credit control

We put your clients’ debtor data at your fingertips so you can deliver a premium credit control advisory service.

Your Ultimate Guide

The Credit Control Service Handbook

The ultimate credit control service guide for accountants and bookkeepers

Satago’s Credit Control Service Handbook is everything you need to set up a credit control solution that delivers the best results for your clients.

This guide will show you how to:

  • Help your clients get paid faster and avoid bad debt
  • Solve a problem that affects hundreds of thousands of UK businesses each year
  • Alleviate client stress and deliver on your duty of care
  • Earn additional, repeatable revenue for your practice

Input from practice growth experts

Will Farnell

Will Farnell

Farnell Clarke Limited

Rowan Van Tromp

Rowan Van Tromp

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All the tools to provide
credit control as a service

portfolio overview

View all your clients’ data in one place

Satago shows your clients’ debtor data in a single view, allowing you to:

  • Pinpoint which clients are struggling with credit control.
  • Understand the makeup of their sales ledger.
  • See the risk profile of their aged debtors.
  • Provide a simple credit control solution.

Armed with this information, you can provide your clients with actionable insight and help them improve their financial health.

credit control

Automate client payment reminders

Many businesses don’t have the time to put best practice credit control processes in place and pay the price in late payments. Switch on automated payment reminders for your clients and help them:

  • Reduce debtor days by up to 72%.
  • Increase their cash balance.
  • Save up to seven hours a week in admin tasks.
  • Reduce the stress around chasing payments.
risk insights

Protect clients from bad debt

Credit checking is fundamental to avoiding late payments. Satago provides unlimited credit summaries and credit reports so you can help clients:

  • Protect their business from untrustworthy customers.
  • Keep on top of their aged debtors, with live notifications.
  • Perform due diligence before agreeing their credit terms.
  • Increase confidence in their business decisions.

Using Portfolio overview to identify at risk clients

Once you have connected your clients to Satago (for FREE), they will appear in your portfolio overview. This will give you insights into their debtor book, and show you risk band distribution of their clients and their clients’ average payment days.

Using this information in the portfolio overview, you can easily identify which of your customers could benefit from your credit control as a service offering.

Read more about using our portfolio overview tool

Satago and you: An opportunity for growth

By combing the power of our portfolio overview tool and our free credit control as a service guide, you can help your customers and grow your practice by adding a new credit control function to your offering.

I think it almost doubled her fee overnight the amount of work we were doing for her, so we were very happy with that again, she got her money quicker, so she was very happy to pay it – Daniel Edwards, d&k Accounting

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