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In today's digital-first world, relying on manual processes and clunky, legacy software to access working capital finance won’t cut it. You and your clients deserve better.

By partnering with Satago, you can access a best-in-class, fully digitised, working capital platform, powered by the latest API technology, to enable you to bring powerful products to your clients seamlessly.

  • Open and modular design; tailor your user experience down to the finest detail.
  • Plug-and-play API technology, supporting rapid implementations into your systems, via white-label, LaaS or Embedded integration.
  • An expert team of engineers to help shape the solution you need.
  • A market-proven product with industry-leading solutions at the helm, powered by Open Banking, major credit bureau and accounting software data.
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Why Satago?

Just like our partners, and our partner’s clients, Satago understands, and has experienced first-hand, the pain points of trying to digitise or upgrade lending services.

Over a decade, we’ve perfected our technology, so that - today - the Satago platform is already tried, tested, trusted and proven. You can integrate quickly and easily, via a selection of partnership options:

  • Lending as a Service (LaaS)
  • Embedded Finance
  • White Labelling
  • Embedded Credit Control and Risk Insights
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Lending as a Service (LaaS)

Tear up the old lending playbook and reinvent your financing offering.

  • Offer a completely digital onboarding journey.
  • Provide self-service financing to all businesses, regardless of their size, industry or sector.
  • Seamless switching between full and selective invoice finance, the first of its kind in the UK.
  • An integrated, working capital solution with built-in credit control & risk insights.

Ideal for:

  • Lenders looking to offer finance to their customers through an established and experienced partner and digital platform.
Embedded Finance

Provide clients with unrivalled, flexible invoice financing

  • Unlock the power of your client’s invoicing, and fuel their growth plans.
  • Selective and Full Invoice Financing seamlessly integrated to your platform.
  • The first embedded Invoice Finance solution of its kind in the UK.

Ideal for:

  • Non-financial organisations like accounting firms and retailers looking to offer finance to customers in a seamless way.
  • Traditional banks, Neobanks, and any other organisations looking to offer finance to their customers initiated through their existing product or platform.
White Label

A total cash flow management solution, channelling the power of your brand

  • Our tools, your brand.
  • Leverage the entire Satago platform, including Credit Control, Invoice Finance and Risk Insights.
  • A smarter way to manage higher customer volumes.

Ideal for:

  • Medium and large organisations looking to offer their customers a complete cash flow management solution.
Embedded Credit Control & Risk Insights

Seamlessly upgrade your service with award-winning solutions

  • Create an automated, transformative Credit Control proposition.
  • Tried-and-tested solutions; plug in and power client cash flow.
  • 360° customer visibility and automated invoice chasing.

Ideal for:

  • Accountants with software solutions still manually chasing invoices and / or unable to give customers advanced business insights.
  • Challenger banks looking to add enhanced cash flow management capabilities to their product and to customers.

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While we measure ourselves by the quality of our solutions and the value we drive to our customers, recognition within the industry continues to inspire and drive us to build bigger and better things.