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A new way of working: Manage your cashflow remotely with Satago

June 19, 2020
A new way of working: Manage your cashflow remotely with Satago

The way we work is changing. Lockdown may have sped up the process, but this shift has been in the pipeline for some time.  

Remote working is the ultimate two-way benefit. Business owners can save a chunk of money by cutting down their office space and employing staff more flexibly.

Whilst employees can escape their daily commute and enjoy the freedom of working anywhere they like.  

But before you serve notice on your office and decamp to the garden shed for good, you’ll need to make sure you have the right tools in place to make remote working a success for your company.

Working in the cloud

The advent of cloud software has revolutionised the way we do business, allowing employees to work on sensitive projects remotely without the risk of data breaches.  

From collaborative tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams to storage platforms like Google Drive, the cloud has made it possible for people to share ideas without sharing an office space.  

If you’re a business owner who’s considering making a permanent move to remote working, choosing the right cloud technology for your team is essential.

The ideal software should enable remote working whilst simultaneously improving the productivity of your team by cutting down manual processes.

Managing your cashflow remotely with Satago

Small businesses live and die by their cashflow, so if there’s one area that every business owner should invest in when going remote, it’s their accounts.  

Cloud accounting makes it possible to manage your finances on the go, whilst cash management software automates processes that would otherwise require hours of office admin.  

Satago is a complete cash management platform that combines credit control, risk analysis and invoice financing, all in one place. Our technology integrates with your cloud accounting software, giving you the freedom to manage your business’ cashflow from anywhere in the world.  

By automating your debt collection process and giving you real-time customer credit insights, Satago frees you from the arduous task of chasing invoices and worrying about bad debt.  Whilst the chat feature makes remote collaboration easy, allowing you to discuss queries - including overdue invoices and credit breaches - with your colleagues, all within the app.

If you find you need a cash injection - whether that’s to cover an unforeseen bill or to grow your company - Satago gives you easy access to invoice finance within the platform.

As we move towards a new way of working, you can future-proof your business by investing in software that facilitates a dynamic and flexible working environment. Keeping you confident in the knowledge that you and your team will work efficiently wherever you are - whether that’s in the office, at home or in the garden shed.  

For more information on how Satago could benefit your business, book a demo with our team today.