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How Satago can improve your cashflow  

August 12, 2020
How Satago can improve your cashflow  

What is Satago?

Satago is a three-in-one cash management platform that provides risk insight, automated credit control and single invoice finance to businesses and accountants.  

The award-winning app integrates with over 300 accounting platforms and leverages behavioural informatics, artificial intelligence and open banking to help you spot credit risks, get paid faster and access fast, reliable funding when you need it.

“Satago has taken our ability to help clients manage and forecast their cashflow more accurately and obtain finance at the right time to a new level” - Mark Telford, Telford Chartered Accountants  

Satago will get you paid faster

Effective credit control can be extremely time consuming.  

Many businesses are forced to hire freelancers to manually chase unpaid invoices. Whilst others don’t have any procedures in place at all due to a lack of resource, and pay the price in late payments.

Satago’s credit control tool solves this problem. The platform integrates with your existing mailbox and sends automated payment reminders, monthly statements and thank you emails from your own email address (or an address of your choice).  

Data—such as the customer’s name, invoice amount and due date—is pulled in from your cloud accounting software along with a link to the original invoice. You will receive customer replies in your own mailbox and these will be tracked in the app, making it easy for you to stay on top of invoice queries.

"We tried a couple of solutions to reduce our debtor days, but none even came close to Satago. Out of the box, it synced up with our Sage Software and we saw an immediate response from our customers. I can’t recommend this app enough." — Duncan Dibble, Transformation Director at More Group

Getting paid on time is crucial to maintaining a healthy cashflow. In 2019, put the cost of late payments on UK SMEs at a shocking £23.4bn. Satago’s mission is to reduce that figure by giving more businesses access to a professional credit control tool that is easy-to-use and affordable.

Satago’s risk tool will future-proof your business

In today’s market, it has become more important than ever for businesses to protect themselves from the risk of bad debt.  

According to a survey from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) 62% of SMEs have experienced late or frozen payments in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Of these, only 10% occurred after an agreed change in payment terms, meaning the overwhelming majority are down to poor payment practices, strategic decisions from larger businesses and customer insolvency.  

The best way for businesses to avoid late payments and bad debt is to use a data-driven risk insight tool which measures the likelihood of customers paying late (or not paying at all).  

Satago’s risk insight tool gives business owners accurate insight into their customers’ credit rating at the touch of a button. Like a digital financial advisor, the platform uses real-time data to tell you if a customer is high or low risk based on their credit score and previous payment history, suggests workable payment terms and notifies you if anything changes.

In the past, this level of insight was only available to those who could afford it, Satago makes it accessible to all businesses, no matter how small.  

Satago’s flexible finance helps you cover cash gaps fast

Every business experiences cash gaps from time to time. Perhaps you’ve had an unexpected bill, or you need extra funds in order to scale your business.  

With Satago’s single invoice finance facility, you can unlock capital from your unpaid invoices and receive cash in the bank in a matter of hours.

Satago’s intuitive technology automatically selects which of your invoices are eligible for finance, displays the amount you can advance and the rate per day and over 30 days.

Our costs are completely transparent with no upfront or hidden fees.

Unlike some invoice finance providers, Satago requires no long-term commitment. Meaning you can decide which invoices (if any) you want to finance and when.

Use the risk insight tool to calculate the risk of late payments on your financed invoices and, for extra safety, you can use our optional bad debt protection.  

“The speed at which you can drawdown funds is the fastest by far.  All costs are given at the time of funding, giving us a full view from the outset and we can pick which invoices we want to include, and any transactions are automatically fed through to our accounting software, making it easier for our accounting team.” — Vaughan Roberts, Director, Carbon247

To try three months of Satago free, register today or book a demo with our team.

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