Accountant product update: Portfolio Overview optimisation

September 16, 2021
Accountant product update: Portfolio Overview optimisation

We asked you how we could improve Satago. You told us you wanted more detailed data to accurately diagnose client credit control problems. So, we’ve launched a new and improved version of Portfolio Overview with updates in two key areas.  

New data points  

WADO: we’ve added Weighted Average Day’s Overdue (WADO) as a key metric to Portfolio Overview. WADO shows in real time the average number of days your clients are currently waiting for payment on overdue invoices, weighted by the value of those invoices. This number will give you an instant overview of which clients are struggling with credit control.  

Client unmatched customers:
you can now see how many of your clients' customers have been matched in the platform. This percentage ratio will help you asses the accuracy of your clients’ debtor risk segments. If your client has matched most of their customers, you can feel confident that their risk segment data is accurate. If a large portion of their customers are high risk, you can have a conversation with them about credit checking their clients before offering credit.

SIC code branch:
this code helps you quickly identify the industry your client is in. This is helpful when filtering clients by industry sector.

Connection status:
we’ve added an icon to the left of each client’s name. This shows you whether your clients are properly connected to Satago, and therefore whether the data you see is accurate and up to date.  

Green = client’s accounting software is connected.  

Amber = client’s accounting software has not been connected.  

Red = client’s accounting software was connected but is now out of sync or needs reconnection.  


The new filters sit at the top of Portfolio Overview. Until a filter is applied, you will see all your client accounts in the Portfolio Overview table. You can use more than one filter at a time.  

Filter by:

Connection status:
use this filter to see which clients have/have not connected their accounting software to Satago.

SIC code branch:
filter clients by industry sector.  

Accounting software:
filter clients by the type of accounting software they use, I.e. Xero, quickbook, Sage etc.  

This update is one small part of Satago’s product roadmap. We’re committed to optimising our software to make it easier for accountants and bookkeepers to offer essential services to clients. Watch this space for more product updates in the coming months!  

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