Free Your Cashflow Now
with On Demand Finance from Satago

Xero connected app

What we do

Satago helps release the cash tied up in your invoices, by advancing you money when you need it most

What we do 1


Satago gets everything it needs directly from Xero - no need to manually upload invoices

What we do 2


Our one-click integration with Xero means you can be up and running in minutes

What we do 3


Satago allows you to choose which invoices you want to finance - finance just what you want

What we do 4


Our fees are only charged on what you use - no hidden costs, and you can repay at any time

What we do 5


We'll even make the accounting easy for you by automating your accounting entries

How it works

How it works 1

1. Sign up & connect Xero to Satago. We'll then automatically pick up your invoices.

How it works 2

2. View your eligible invoices and the pricing we can offer. We only charge for what you use.

How it works 3

3. Sign the paperwork and complete the electronic identity checks

How it works 4

4. We send you the requested funds

How it works 5

5. When your customers pay we'll calculate our fee and return the rest of the money back to you.

Signed up to Xero?

If you haven't already signed up to Xero then why not sign up today to connect your account to Satago?

What it costs

Enter invoice details to get an estimate of the cost to finance an invoice

Remember, there are no extra fees or ongoing obligations. What you see is what you pay.

  • If you select a £{{invoiceAmount}} invoice
  • We advance you £{{advancedAmount}} today
  • When your customer pays us, we'll take off the initial advance and our fee of £{{cost}} and then return the balance of £{{additionalAmount}} to you
  • We calculate our fees by the day, so the better your credit control, the cheaper our fees