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We support your business in controlling cashflow, so you can focus on reaching its full potential.

Solutions for Every Business Need

We offer cashflow solutions covering vast business needs. From providing services directly to SMEs and supporting accounts and their portfolio, to partnering with a large number of institutions.

SatagoDIRECT - For SMEs

Award winning cash flow management for SMEs

From as little as £25 per month, get your hands on our award-winning cash flow management tools, designed to help your business grow.

SatagoDIRECT is built for SMEs and provides 3 key pillars to manage your cashflow:

Risk Insights
Know who you are doing business with, and make intelligent decisions on their payment terms.
Automated Credit Control
Not just sending reminders to clients, but automating the entire credit control flow, including late payment fees automation, message customization and more.
Invoice Finance
For those times that you just need to free up some of your cashflow that is waiting to be paid. We offer straight forward invoice financing to help fill and cashflow gaps.

SatagoPRO - For Accounts and Bookkeepers

Offer your clients our award-winning credit control as a value-added service.

SatagoPRO is designed to support accountants by providing them with an easy-to-use platform that will give them insights into their clients’ books. They will also be able to offer their clients SatagoDIRECT, giving them access to our award winning cashflow management tools.

SatagoPRO is built for accountants and bookkeepers and provides:

Portfolio Overview
Gain valuable insights into your entire client portfolio. See where you can provide them with better support and guidance.
Credit Control as a Service
Offer your clients easy to use credit control tools, that will give them the ability to make more informed decisions on who they work with, and automated tools to ensure they are paid on time.
Help Clients Solve Short-term Cash Flow Problems
By connecting to SatagoPRO, and introducing your clients to SatagoDIRECT, they will get access to our invoice finance solution, which can be used to solve short term cash flow problems.

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