Invoice Finance

Satago Connect allows you to integrate your accounting software for automatic pricing of your invoices for you to select for finance. Satago Direct allows you to manually upload invoices one-by-one for when you need finance.

Invoice Finance Features

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See available credit

A cashflow solution that helps you focus on growing your business now rather than waiting for invoices to be paid. Select invoices one at a time. You decide.

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UK-based Limited business

To qualify you must be a UK private limited business selling products or services to other UK businesses on credit terms. Those businesses must be solvent and established for 3 years or more. Your invoices must have at least 10 days until they are due and must be a minimum of £500.

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No hidden costs

We advance up to 85% of the value of the invoice and apply a single, low-cost fee on the amount you are funded. There are no hidden costs.

How does Invoice Finance work?

Remaining Features

Invoice Finance Calculator

Enter invoice details to get an estimate of the cost to finance an invoice

Enter invoice details to get an estimate of the cost to finance an invoice

Remember, there are no extra fees or ongoing obligations. What you see is what you pay.

  • If you select a £{{invoiceAmount}} invoice
  • We advance you £{{advancedAmount}} today
  • When your customer pays us, we'll take off the initial advance and our fee of £{{cost}} and then return the balance of £{{additionalAmount}} to you
  • We calculate our fees by the day, so the better your credit control, the cheaper our fees