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Full Invoice Finance

Invoice finance with a difference. Fund all your eligible invoices automatically, for straightforward funding that’s light on admin.

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What is invoice finance?

If your business has money tied up in unpaid invoices, you can get an advance using invoice finance. Invoice finance is a quick and easy way to ease cashflow while you wait for customers to pay you.

Finance in the present,not the past

Full Invoice Finance uses a secure connection to your accounting software to update your facility limit in real time, so you always know exactly how much funding is available. No conference calls or paperwork required.

Ready in record time

Our tech integrations mean we can make funding decisions quickly, so you’ll be back to business fast. After all, nobody likes being kept waiting.

Zero reconciliation

Our full invoice finance system processes your data in real-time, eliminating the need for month end reconciliation.

Transparent pricing

We’ll never include sneaky hidden fees or arbitrary admin charges. Everything is included, up front, and your contract terms are simple and straightforward.

Cash management tools included at no extra cost

Full Invoice Finance includes Satago’s award-winning cash management tools for free, to help you stay on top of your owing clients and keep a beady eye on credit risks.

Confidential and discreet

Maintain control of the hard-won customer relationships you’ve built. Full Invoice Finance is confidential, so your clients won’t know you’re using a funding product.

Eligibility criteria

If your company turnover is over £400,000 a year, you require a facility of at least £100,000 and you’ve been trading for more than 12 months, Full Invoice Finance may be right for you.

The technical stuff

Full Invoice Finance is confidential invoice discounting for UK businesses that trade on credit with other UK businesses. You’ll maintain responsibility for ensuring customers pay. Contracts are for 1 year with a 3-month notice period.

Single vs. Full Invoice Finance

    Single invoice finance
  • Choose individual invoices to fund
  • Instant pricing for eligible invoices
  • No minimum contract period
  • Disclosed
  • Pricing per invoice funded
  • Invoices must be within payment terms
  • Invoices individually verified
    Full invoice finance
  • Fund all eligible invoices
  • Instant pricing for eligible invoices
  • Minimum 12 month contract
  • Confidential
  • Clear and simple pricing
  • Fund up to 120 days past invoice date
  • Sample verification
All our invoice finance products come with:
  • Fast approval and drawdown
  • Automated reconciliation
  • Credit risk tools included
  • Automated credit control tools included


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Connect software

Connect your accounting software in one click.

See eligible invoices

View your facility limit and invoices eligible for funding in real time.

Request funds

Submit a request for the invoices you want to fund.

Get Funded

Get cash in your account and get back to business.

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Why choose Satago?

Our technology integrates with over 300 accounting platforms—including Sage, Xero and Quickbooks—and automatically displays the invoices which are eligible for finance.

Once approved, you will receive cash in your account in a matter of hours. Easy.

Satago’s risk insight and automated credit control tools help you ensure your invoices are paid on time. For added security, we also offer optional bad debt protection through our professional partners.

Our team of experts is always on hand to offer assistance and advice if you need it. Satago makes applying for invoice finance quick and easy.

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