Invoice Finance

Satago Connect allows you to connect your accounting software to upload invoices for our platform. It automatically determines which invoices are eligible for finance and the daily cost is illustrated. By adding invoices to the basket and checking out, your invoices can be funded on the same day.

Satago Direct allows you to upload copies of your invoices one-by-one for financing when you need it. Pricing is determined for each business you invoice and is assessed when you add your customers to the platform.


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· Single fee per invoice on the amount advanced. Pricing starting from 1% per 30 days.

· Fees only apply for the period in which the invoice is outstanding. 

· No long term contracts, personal guarantees or debentures.

Credit Control Tools

Credit control tool - Invoice reminder CRM system

Credit Risk Data for Risk Insights



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  • Credit Control tools to centralise communication of email chasing, and automatic payment reminder emails
  • Integrated credit risk reports, plus company credit reports
  • Full detailed credit reports are available for purchase
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