Gareth Pritchard
Gareth Pritchard
Head of Invoice Finance
Case Study - Selective Invoice Finance

Satago Supports UK-based Electrical System and Fire Alarm Installers with Financing Needs 

May 25, 2023 | 3 minutes

As a business, installing and maintaining electrical systems and fire alarms is critical work. Millions of UK properties and business premises rely on these specialists to provide the expertise and aftercare in installing their fire safety measures. The nature of demand in a business like this is unique, in that they need to be both proactive in finding new customers to install systems for, and reactive to provide ongoing technical support.  

An influx of new customers meant not just needing staff to initially installing systems, but also manage scheduled maintenance and ad-hoc repairs of those systems as and when needed. Growth for a business like this can be a blessing and a curse, both requiring more short-term investment to meet demand, with the chance to increase profit in future.  

In this case, the customer was enjoying steady growth, but struggling to plan and cover for an increasing wage bill needed to meet that demand. They were a small business, with weekly overheads to cover, which meant that the typical B2B payment terms often left them waiting for payments they desperately needed.  

The customer needed a simple, flexible and manageable financing solution to cover those overheads in the short-term, without costing them dearly, or forcing them to enter into complex pricing structures as part of their financing agreements.  

Satago’s Selective Invoice Finance suited their needs perfectly. With an easy integration process, faster approvals than traditional banking, zero reconciliation time thanks to real-time data processing and access to several more of Satago’s cash management tools for free, among other benefits. 

Selective Invoice Finance means they can selectively finance invoice as and when they needed, with no obligation to take on more funding than they need. They also have the option – should they need to – to seamlessly switch to Full Invoice Finance. Satago is one of the only UK providers able to offer this degree of flexibility to finance customers.  

Now, the customer can hire to meet their increased demand, stop worrying about cash flow issues of a larger wage bill and fund their increasing number of invoices easily and flexibly.  

If you’re interested in learning more about our Invoice Finance product, register your interest here and one of our team will be in touch. 

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