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Satago launches in Ireland

March 1, 2021 | 2 minutes

Satago, the cash management platform that provides automated credit control, risk insight and invoice finance to SMEs and accountants, has launched in Ireland via Sage Marketplace.

This launch was driven by interest in Satago’s services outside the UK and represents a strengthening of the partnership between Sage and Satago.

Businesses in Ireland will now have access to Satago’s award-winning credit control and risk insight software — essential cashflow solutions for these uncertain times. Irish businesses trading with the UK will also be able to access risk insight on UK firms, and vice versa.

This launch comes at a time when businesses are under enormous pressure. According to the Small Firms Association (SFA), 68% of Irish companies experience late payments on their credit terms, a problem that has only increased since the outbreak of COVID-19. Satago is designed to protect SMEs from the sting of late payments through automation and credit risk insight.

Sinead McHale, CEO of Satago, says:

“Late payments pose a real and present threat to businesses globally. Satago’s software provides a solution by minimising bad debt and ensuring faster payments. We’re delighted to be launching in Ireland and look forward to bringing Satago’s services to more businesses at this critical time.”

“SMEs are the backbone of the economy; their survival is vital for the communities where they operate and the families that rely on them. Satago is committed to helping them get back in control of their finances and back to business.”

A Sage report* found that only half of respondents (54%) felt prepared to deal with cashflow problems with 39% highlighting it as the biggest challenge they face in today’s economic environment.

Satago’s platform provides cashflow management tools to SMEs and accountants – freeing up their time through automating processes and creating efficiencies that allow them to focus on growing their businesses and practices.

Barry Murphy, Managing Director at Sage Ireland, says:

“We believe the end-to-end cashflow management solution from Satago truly complements the Sage product offering, and we’re delighted to be extending our partnership with Satago into Ireland. This offers a truly integrated solution to meet the needs of our small business customers.”

Shaign Hancock, a Satago customer and owner of car repair company MG Cannon, says:

“During the first lockdown with all our workshop staff on furlough and the doors closed, we took the opportunity to catch up with our ‘aged debt’ and look at our systems. Satago was introduced to me over the telephone by Sage by chance really, when I quizzed them to find out how we could manage our credit control in a sharper way. We have never looked back.

“We have lots of customers, different types of customers and we now have a really good overview of our debt. We can send automatic statements and reminders in a friendly way. We can now identify issues at an early stage, rather than letting them run on. The longer you leave a problem, the more difficult it is to resolve.”

“Not a lot of good has come out of this pandemic, but it has enabled us to have a good look at our business and link up with new partners to make us stronger and more efficient. Satago has played a big part in this.”

*Sage report “Survival, resilience and growth” 2020

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