Gareth Pritchard
Gareth Pritchard
Head of Invoice Finance
Invoice Finance - Case Study

Satago helps cybersecurity company grow

August 6, 2021 | 3 minutes

Satago provides Selective and Full Invoice Finance to businesses, helping them fund new projects and ease cash flow as they scale. These two fast-growing companies came to Satago for funding and got the cash they needed to achieve their ambitions within a matter of days.

Funding hacks

Online scams are the bane of everyone’s life. Unless you work for a cybersecurity company, that is! With hacking techniques becoming ever more sophisticated, this software consultancy saw a growth opportunity in the spyware sector. But they needed additional funds to support their cash flow as they scaled.

Being a software consultancy, they wanted a tech-forward solution which was hassle free. They signed up to Satago, connected their accounting software and chose a Selective Invoice Finance facility. They were soon approved and had funds in the bank in a matter of days.

In safe hands

A plant safety specialist found themselves with an increased workload due to rising demand for health and safety compliance. They needed additional funding to support the business as they took on additional staff. Satago’s Selective Invoice Finance was a perfect fit. They financed their first invoices and soon had the funds they needed to ease their cash flow concerns.

With cash flow taken care of, they can concentrate on what they do best — keeping people safe.

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