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Tom Killeen
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Putting more “control” in automated credit control

December 12, 2023 | 4 minutes

At Satago, our customers are at the heart of our business, and therefore, when they speak, we listen. We have talked to many of our customers over the last few months and have come back with significant enhancements to our automated credit control offering.

These changes give you even more control over what message is sent, when it is sent, and to who it is sent. We have also enhanced our email composition tool, giving you the ability to improve further the look and structure of your credit control emails.

Enhanced Credit Control Templates

We have moved email templates to a new section in the settings for credit control. Here you will be able to see and manage all your templates in one place.

We have also enhanced the editor that is used to edit and create templates to allow the use of rich text, including:

  • Header 1 > Header 2 > Header 3
  • Bold > Italic > Underline
  • Left Align > Centre Align > Right Align
  • Bulleted list > Numbered list
  • Hyperlink > Snippet list > Template list

These enhancements can be used to add structure and emphasis to your reminder emails, statements, and thank you emails.

New customer groups and custom sending schedules

With Satago you have always been able to customise all the emails you would send to individual clients. With this update, instead of changing the templates one customer at a time, you can now create customer groups and templates, allowing you to create custom templates based on customer categorisation, rather than individually.

Got a group of good customers with whom you want to be less formal? You can create a group for that. Got a group of customers who are notorious late payers? You can create a group for that.

With the new customer grouping and sending schedules, you can control what emails your customers will receive and when.

These changes have been made based on customer feedback, and we are very excited to launch them to all our existing customers.

Additionally, any new accounts will automatically have the enhanced credit control features available when they sign-up to Satago.

To see a more details list of changes and how to use the new features, please see our article here: Overview of changes made to Credit Control in your Satago app.

If you are not yet a Satago customer, you can register for a 14 day free trial here: Register with Satago

Product Enhancement Webinar: Adding More Control to our Credit Control Features

Watch the walkthrough of the changes and how to get the most out of this amazing update.

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