Western Union

July 1, 2022

Western Union pioneered the idea of moving money around the world and has been connecting people and businesses globally for over 170 years.

Companies count on WUBS as their global payments partner. With fast, cost-effective payment solutions and customized cash management strategies, WUBS help organizations of any size and in any industry achieve results including SME’s, Fortune 500 enterprises, Financial Institutions, Educational Institutions and NGO’s.

WUBS are able to send money in over 140 currencies, to over 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Western Union and Satago

Satago and Western Union understand the power of technology to drive efficiencies that can save your business time and money.

Through their powerful online platforms, WUBS offer an efficient way to manage international payments and cash flow on a truly global scale. Along with a skilled team of financial specialists, we also provide support, market insight, and risk management consultations that can benefit your business and help grow profits today.

FX Partners Offer

WUBS are offering a free currency health check to businesses trading internationally, in which they can explore and discuss your current FX and payments strategy.

Customers will benefit from preferential rates of exchange, zero fees and access to a wide range of risk management and payment solutions.