July 1, 2022

The Equals Money account is here to revolutionise the way finance teams manage their company’s international payments, expenses, budgets, payroll and more, putting time back on the clock and money back on the balance sheet.

Equals Money is a specialist payments provider and an alternative to using your bank – they can help you make or receive international payments more cost effectively.

Equals Money and Satago

Satago understands that if businesses are exposed to currency risk, and high charges, then this can have a significant impact on their commercial margins. Businesses can be particularly exposed because they are less likely to be offered competitive pricing and payments solutions by the high street-banks – that’s why we have teamed up with currency specialists Equals Money.


Top tips to cut costs on international payments

FX Partners Offer

Have a free no obligations call with an Equals Money financial expert to:

  • Receive a free Foreign Exchange consultation
  • Access a range of solutions for international & domestic payments.
  • Order corporate cards and stay on top of company-wide spending 24/7.
  • Save money through great exchange rates and low fees.

To access this offer please email: satago@equalsmoney.com