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Webinar Series

MTD and beyond: Turning data in to services with Satago

March 18, 2022 | 30 Minutes


MTD will undoubtedly result in more conversations with your clients. But how can you utilise this opportunity to create value for your clients using the data they have already provided to you?

Satago puts your clients’ data at your fingertips so you can help them get paid faster, spot credit risks and provide proactive solutions, all while growing your firm and earning sustainable, repeatable revenue.

Watch Leigh Stallard, Head of Accountancy at Satago to learn how to:

  • Utilise client data that is already available to open up opportunities to talk to your clients.
  • Identifying client opportunities quickly and easily within Satago
  • Top tips on how to build new revenue generating services to solve your client’s cashflow challenges.

MTD Webinar Series

Episode 1 – MTD: the gateway to better client relationships

Episode 2 – Capturing data with AutoEntry

Episode 3 – Processing data with Sage

Episode 4 – Turning data in to services with Satago

Episode 5 – Turning data in to sales GoProposal

Episode 6 – Panel discussion – using technology to open the doors

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