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MTD and beyond: Capturing data with AutoEntry

March 18, 2022 | 1 Hour


Few bookkeepers and accountants would play down the challenge of being prepared for the new MTD ITSA regulations. Without the regular input of quality data, processing and reporting quickly breaks down, leaving the firm to pick up the pieces and valuable time and effort spent chasing.

Finding a way of making data collection easy, and reducing the amount of time spent processing it, will greatly improve the likelihood of creating a scalable and robust framework from which to build from.

AutoEntry doesn’t restrict how you work with clients. By acting as the central point for data collection it can be used to build out a whole range of services and bring controlled automation into the heart of the firm.

Working with all the major bookkeeping software providers means that fundamental change isn’t required to either the client or to your current systems, leaving you free to organise your back office in a way that suits you, and delivers the best results.

Join Brian Carolan from AutoEntry and Leigh Stallard from Satago to learn about:

  • Data capture made easy for MTD
  • Automation of data entry
  • How to improve your processes with better quality data

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