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How to get your invoices paid faster with Satago  

November 26, 2020
How to get your invoices paid faster with Satago  

You might think that once you’ve seen one credit control tool, you’ve seen them all. But in fact, Satago does a lot of nifty things that our competitors don’t.

Here are some of the ways that Satago can help you supercharge your invoice chasing.

Send automated invoice reminders from your own email address

Unlike many credit control platforms which send payment reminders from their own domain, Satago integrates with your existing email provider. So, you can send automated payment reminders, monthly statements and thank you emails from your own email address, creating a seamless customer journey.  

People are more likely to respond to emails that feel human. Meaning your customers are likely to pay you faster when they receive payment reminders from your email address.  

What’s more, you’ll receive responses to your automated emails in your own inbox. So, you can keep on top of your customer’s invoice queries as normal.

To connect your email account to Satago, you’ll need a Satago Plus license. Click here to find out more.  

Add late fees to invoice reminders at the touch of a button

Calculating cumulative late fees is time-consuming. With Satago, you can add late fees to your payment reminders at the touch of a button. Satago will calculate the fees in line with statutory limits.  

If you're an existing customer, go to your email templates and click on ‘Snippets’, then select ‘Late Fees’ from the dropdown. It really is that easy.  

Add late fees to your email templates at the touch of a button

Make your emails more personal with a customised footer

You can add your email signature to the bottom of your automated emails and even add your company logo.

If you’re an existing customer, visit the settings page and click to edit your email footer.  You can click here for a step-by-step guide.

Visit the settings page to edit your email footer

Send monthly statements to longstanding customers

If you have customers on longer payment terms with multiple open invoices, it's a good idea to send them a monthly statement which summarises their outstanding balance.  

With Satago, you can send automated monthly statements to specific customers so they’re always aware of their upcoming payments. A great way to maintain good customer relationships and ensure you’re paid on time.

Final thoughts

Credit control is the beating heart of a healthy company. Getting paid on time and maintaining customer relationships is fundamental to ensuring your cashflow remains in good shape and you have the money you need to keep growing your company, paying employees and funding future projects.

Satago helps you take your credit control to the next level. As well as chasing invoices so you don’t have to, Satago ensures your customers receive a seamless experience. Meaning you get paid faster.

Satago's three-in-one cash management software provides automated invoice cashing, powerful risk insights and flexible finance — all in one place. So you can get paid faster, protect your business and cover cash gaps when you need to.

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