Richard Kay
Richard Kay
Senior Product Manager
Why Satago?

The best value cash management platform on the market

April 20, 2021 | 6 minutes

You’ve heard us say a thousand times that Satago is the best value cash management platform on the market. But what does that mean? Here, we break down how much you can save if you choose Satago rather than our leading competitors.

5 times cheaper than the nearest competitor

If you join Satago as a Plus customer, you’ll pay just £45 a month for unlimited credit control. That means you’ll get:

  • Unlimited invoice chasing.
  • Unlimited users.
  • Unlimited schedules.
  • Unlimited templates.
  • Full integration with your existing email address.
  • And much more.

To put that in perspective, our nearest competitor charges 5 TIMES that amount for the same credit control service, without the added risk insight and finance features.

Credit control and risk insight in one platform

Some businesses pay for credit control and risk insight software separately. With Satago, you’ll get both in one subscription.

With a Satago Plus subscription, you’ll get 25 credit reports a year and unlimited credit summaries. So, there’s no need to pay for additional credit checking software, which usually costs between £1,000—£5,000 a year.‍

Use the risk insight tool to credit check your customers and make informed business decisions.

Fantastic return on investment

Satago’s credit control and risk insight tools can help you reduce your debtor days by up to 72% and significantly increase your cash balance.‍

When accountant Steve Timmis introduced one of his clients to Satago, they saw debtor days drop from 144 to 40 in one month. The same client increased their cash balance by a staggering £25,000.‍

Another partner, Gemma Parker of Tussies Chartered Accountants, was able to bring her 90+ days debtors down by £12,000 in just one week.

Great value for accountants and bookkeepers

Our practice partners can offer their full book of clients a Lite Satago subscription free of charge!

Use our Practice edition to offer clients’ a credit control service that dramatically improves their cash flow. For just £50 a month you’ll have access to:

  • Unlimited users.
  • Unlimited credit reports.
  • Unlimited invoice chasing.
  • FREE access to a Lite subscription for all clients.
  • Unlimited reseller license.
  • And much more.

Fast access to finance when you need it

In addition to credit control and risk insight, Satago provides fast access to invoice finance if and when you need it. Simply click to apply and once approved, you’ll receive cash in the bank within 24 hours.‍

Our rates start from just 1% per 30 days, providing a much cheaper option than credit cards or overdrafts.

So, how much can I save?

I’m glad you asked. Our nearest credit control competitor will set you back £2,700 for a year’s subscription. Meanwhile, credit checking software costs at least an additional £1,000 per year.‍

A Satago Plus subscription offers more than our competitors and costs just £540 per year. That’s a saving of £3,160 every year!

To find out how Satago can help you manage credit control, reduce risk and improve cash flow, sign up to the platform today.

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