5 accounting aficionados you need to follow

June 22, 2021
5 accounting aficionados you need to follow

No one ever got anywhere by standing still. If you want your firm to stand out, you need to keep up with the latest trends.

Here to keep you in the loop are five accounting and bookkeeping aficionados. Follow them for advice on marketing, client relationships, process improvements, digital software and more.  

Will Farnell — Founder and Director, Farnell Clarke  

Will is all about technology. He started his accounting career in a Big Four firm, advising public sector bodies on digital adoption. Now, he helps other firms smoothly transition to cloud accounting. He’s the Director of Farnell Clarke and the co-founder of App Advisory Plus.  

Best for:

Advice on going digital. Will offers guidance on staff training, client onboarding and choosing your app stack. His main objective is to help firms stand out from the crowd by centring and delivering on their clients’ needs.    

Where to find him:

Zoe Whitman  — Co-Founder, The 6 Figure Bookeeper

After 16 years working as an accountant, Zoe set up her own bookkeeping firm. What started as a side hustle swiftly became an award-winning business and Zoe never looked back.

She now runs the 6 Figure Bookkeepers’ podcast with Jo Wood MICB. And in 2021 she was named one of Practice Ignition’s Top 50 Women in Accounting.  

Best for:

Bookkeepers who want to grow their practice and work on their own terms. Zoe runs various courses that help with everything from marketing and client relationships to self-confidence. Join the Facebook community and listen to the weekly podcast to connect with other bookkeepers and gain valuable advice.  

Where to find her:

Paul Shrimpling — Managing Director, Remarkable Practice  

Paul’s mission is to help you become a successful business growth accountant. As Managing Director of Remarkable Practice, he helps firms develop scalable and profitable strategies.  

In his podcast series ‘Humanise the Numbers’, Paul interviews accountants from across the UK, covering: team efficiency, marketing, digital adoption and client relationships.  

Best for:      

Advice on scaling your firm and improving profits. Paul believes that becoming a successful business growth accountant means connecting with your clients on a human level. With sophisticated lead marketing and meaningful conversations.

Where to find him:

Rebecca Wooderson — Managing Director, Sage Accounts Solutions

As Managing Director of Sage Accounts Solutions, Rebecca provides training and support to Sage accountants. Rebecca has a background in SMB accounting and is an expert in software integration, analytics and efficiency processes.  

Best for:  

Sage accountants. Rebecca has 14 years' experience teaching and mentoring Sage 50 users. Her job is to help you get the most out of your software. Visit the Sage Accounts Solutions blog for essential Sage 50 tips.  

Where to find her

Mark Telford — Founder, Telford’s Chartered Accountants  

If your goal is to earn more, work less and have time to do the things you enjoy in life, Mark will help you get there.

Mark is an award-winning chartered accountant. He offers coaching sessions to other firms who want to improve their systems, processes and profits.  

Best for:      

Improving efficiency. Mark’s blog and podcast series tackle the all-important questions: how to find the right clients, hire the right team and use the right technology. His aim is to help you build the firm you want to run.  

Where to find him:

This is a rich but by no means exhaustive list of influential accounting and bookkeeping professionals. Who have we missed? Message us on LinkedIn with your suggestions! 

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