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Why should I use Satago finance?

If you find that you are spending your days managing your working capital even though your business is doing well then Satago’s invoice finance product is for you.  We understand that SMEs find that they spend an inordinate amount of time just making ends meet when their business is thriving. We are here if you have felt what some of our other customers have said to us:

  • “I was rejected for a loan by my bank”
  • “I don’t know anything about finance”
  • “My customers take a lot of time to pay me”
  • “Managing my cash flow is a full time job and I never have enough time to do it”

There are many invoice finance companies out there but none like us.  We are the only truly integrated credit control CRM and invoice financing product available.  You are always in control because we give you the ability to choose what and when you want financing and we understand SMEs – after all we are one ourselves.  Once you are set-up, you will be able to get financing at the touch of a button because our process is entirely automated.