FAQ > Why do none (or few) of my invoices seem to qualify?

Why do none (or few) of my invoices seem to qualify?

We use a large number of data points and a proprietary “risk engine” to decide whether we can finance individual invoices. Due to the complex nature of our risk engine, we are unable to provide specific reasons why a particular invoice has not been pre-approved for financing. Nevertheless, the below guide gives you an idea of some of the general criteria that might prevent you seeing more eligible invoices: 

  1. Any invoice we finance must be £500 or more in value.
  2. The invoices must have at least 10 days until the due date
  3. You must “match” your customers (and your own company) in Satago.
  4. Amongst other things, the risk engine analyses:
    1. The trading relationship between you and your customer(s).
    2. A combination of the credit risk of both your company and your customers.
    3. Macroeconomic data about your customer’s industry sector and the economy as a whole.