FAQ > Which Accounting Systems does Satago support?

Which Accounting Systems does Satago support?

Satago supports all of the following accounting systems (2017):

Cloud Accounts Packages

  • FreeAgent
  • KashFlow
  • SageOne
  • Xero
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Freshbooks

Desktop Accounts Packages

Please note: If you use Desktop software you will need to contact us so we can help get you started with Satago. Please either send us an email, or use the Live Chat in the bottom right hand corner (?) of the screen.

  • Access aCloud Financials V3

    Access Dimensions Lite V2

    Access Dimensions V2

    Access Dimensions V2.4

    Access Horizons V4

    Access Horizons V5


    AccountView Business V7.1

    Activant T21 V4.4.14


    Agility Professional V9

    ASL Accountant

    Azyra Business Systems V604.029


    Big Red Book Accounts V4.60

    Big Red Book Accounts V8.02

    Big Red Book UK Accounts V4.60

    Bluesky Horizon Interbase v3.260

    Bluesky Horizon Interbase v3.340

    Bluesky Horizon SQL V3.260


    Cedar Open Accounts V4.1

    Ciel Accounting

    Ciel Accounting Professional

    Coda Financials V11.1

    Datafile Premier V5.9

    Dataflair Integrated Business System

    Datasoft V1.6

    Datev ERP

    Datos Season V2008


    enterpriSe Back office V318

    ERP 2011

    ERP 2014

    ERP Accpac v5.4

    ERP Accpac v6.0A

    ERP v2015.1

    ERP X3 v6.5

    ERP X3 v7.1

    ERP X3 v8.3

    Financial Force Accounting V8

    Financials v131.049

    Fraser Williams


    GEAC/Infor System21

    GEL BACK V1.0

    Global 3000 V4.1

    Global 3000 V6 (Pervasive)

    Global Abaca 3000 V6

    Hoskins Insight FMS

    Input Origins V5.3

    Input Origins V6.6

    Intact IQ v601

    Intact V1.1004

    Intact V1.904

    Intact V11

    Intact V9.01

    Intuit QuickBooks Accountant 2003

    Intuit QuickBooks Accountant 2004

    Intuit QuickBooks Accountant 2005

    Intuit QuickBooks Accountant 2006

    Intuit QuickBooks Accountant 2007

    Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise v13

    Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise v14

    Intuit QuickBooks Online Essentials v3

    Intuit QuickBooks Online Simple Start v3

    Intuit QuickBooks Online v3

    Intuit QuickBooks Premier 2008

    Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2003

    Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2004

    Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2005

    Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2006

    Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2007

    Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2008

    Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2010

    Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2012

    Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2013

    Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2014

    Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2015

    Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2016

    Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2017

    Iris Exchequer SQL V6.9

    Iris Exchequer SQL V7.7

    Iris Exchequer V5.60

    Iris Exchequer V5.70

    Iris Exchequer V6.00

    Iris Exchequer V6.6

    Iris Exchequer V7.7

    JD Edwards

    K8 V6

    KashFlow v1.2

    Lakeview LM4 V4.1

    MAM Autopart V15

    MAM Autopart V17

    MAM Autopart V20

    Mamut Enterprise E3 V12

    Mamut Enterprise E3 V18

    Mamut Enterprise E3 V19

    Mamut Enterprise E4 V12

    Mamut Enterprise E4 V18

    Mamut Enterprise E4 V19

    Mamut Enterprise E5 V12

    Mamut Enterprise E5 V14.5

    Mamut Enterprise E5 V16

    Mamut Enterprise E5 V18

    Mamut Enterprise E5 V19

    Microsoft Accounting 2007

    Microsoft Accounting 2008

    Microsoft Accounting 2009

    Microsoft Dynamics AX V2009

    Microsoft Dynamics AX V2012

    Microsoft Dynamics AX V4

    Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 v11

    Microsoft Dynamics GP V9

    Microsoft Dynamics Nav V2009

    Microsoft Dynamics Nav V2013

    Microsoft Dynamics Nav V2015

    Microsoft Dynamics Nav V2016

    Microsoft Dynamics Nav V5

    Microsoft Dynamics Nav V6

    Microsoft Dynamics Nav V7

    Microsoft Great Plains V10

    Microsoft Great Plains V15

    Microsoft Great Plains V6

    Microsoft Great Plains V7.5

    Microsoft Great Plains V8

    Microsoft Great Plains V9

    Microsoft Navision E V2.6

    Microsoft Navision E V3.6

    Microsoft Navision E V3.7

    Microsoft Navision E V4

    Microsoft Navision E V5

    Microsoft Navision S V3.7

    Microsoft Navision S V4

    Microsoft Navision S V5

    MYOB Accounting Plus V16

    MYOB Premier V17

    OneFit Premier 2 V2016

    OneOffice v4.12

    Oxford Software Tempaid V4

    Oxford Software Tempaid V5

    Paprika V7.6A

    Paprika V8.0.1

    Pegasus Capital V2.0

    Pegasus Opera II Enterprise V3.1

    Pegasus Opera II Enterprise V4.0

    Pegasus Opera II Enterprise V4.1

    Pegasus Opera II Enterprise V4.2

    Pegasus Opera II Enterprise V5.0

    Pegasus Opera II Enterprise V5.5

    Pegasus Opera II Enterprise V6.1

    Pegasus Opera II Enterprise V6.11

    Pegasus Opera II Enterprise V6.12

    Pegasus Opera II Enterprise V6.13

    Pegasus Opera II Enterprise V6.5

    Pegasus Opera II Enterprise V6.6

    Pegasus Opera II Enterprise V6.8

    Pegasus Opera III V1.10.11

    Pegasus Opera III V1.20

    Pegasus Opera III V2.12

    Pegasus Opera V3.2

    Pegasus Opera V3.3

    Pegasus Opera V3.5

    Pegasus Opera V3.6



    PS Financials V4

    PS Financials V5.11


    Request V1

    Safe Financials V4

    Sage 1000 V2.1

    Sage 1000 V2.3

    Sage 1000 V3

    Sage 1000 V4

    Sage 200 Extra Online V2015

    Sage 200 Financials V2009

    Sage 200 Financials V4.0

    Sage 200 Financials V5.0

    Sage 200 Financials V5.1

    Sage 200 Financials V5.5

    Sage 200 Financials V6

    Sage 200 V2009

    Sage 200 V2010

    Sage 200 V2011

    Sage 200 V2013

    Sage 200 V2015

    Sage 200 V2016

    Sage 200 V4

    Sage 200 V5

    Sage 200 V5.1

    Sage 200 V6

    Sage 200 V7

    Sage 200 V8

    Sage 300 V6.1

    Sage 50 Accounts 2007

    Sage 50 Accounts 2008

    Sage 50 Accounts 2009

    Sage 50 Accounts 2010

    Sage 50 Accounts 2011

    Sage 50 Accounts 2012

    Sage 50 Accounts 2013

    Sage 50 Accounts 2014

    Sage 50 Accounts 2015

    Sage 50 Accounts 2016

    Sage 50 Accounts 2017

    Sage 50 Accounts Essentials 2016

    Sage 50 Accounts Plus 2007

    Sage 50 Accounts Plus 2008

    Sage 50 Accounts Plus 2009

    Sage 50 Accounts Professional 2007

    Sage 50 Accounts Professional 2008

    Sage 50 Accounts Professional 2009

    Sage Enterprise V2

    Sage Instant Accounting 2000 V6

    Sage Instant Accounts 2007

    Sage Instant Accounts 2008

    Sage Instant Accounts 2009

    Sage Instant Accounts V10

    Sage Instant Accounts V11

    Sage Instant Accounts V12

    Sage Instant Accounts V6

    Sage Instant Accounts V8

    Sage Instant Accounts V9

    Sage Invoicing V2.1

    Sage Line100 V5.1

    Sage Line100 V5.4

    Sage Line100 V6.0

    Sage Line100 V6.12

    Sage Line100 V6.2

    Sage Line100 V7.0

    Sage Line100 V7.2

    Sage Line100 V7.3

    Sage Line100 V7.5

    Sage Line100 V7.6

    Sage Line100 V8.0

    Sage Line100 V8.1

    Sage Line100 V8.2

    Sage Line100 V8.5

    Sage Line50 SDK V18

    Sage Line50 SDK V19

    Sage Line50 SDK V20

    Sage Line50 SDK V21

    Sage Line50 SDK V22

    Sage Line50 V10

    Sage Line50 V11

    Sage Line50 V12

    Sage Line50 V13

    Sage Line50 V14

    Sage Line50 V15

    Sage Line50 V16

    Sage Line50 V17

    Sage Line50 V18

    Sage Line50 V19

    Sage Line50 V20

    Sage Line50 V21

    Sage Line50 V22

    Sage Line50 V23

    Sage Line50 V6

    Sage Line50 V7

    Sage Line50 V8

    Sage Line50 V9

    Sage Line500 V5.5

    Sage Line500 V6

    Sage Line500 V7

    Sage MMS V2.0

    Sage MMS V2.1

    Sage MMS V2.2

    Sage MMS V2.3

    Sage MMS V3.5

    SAP Business One V2005A

    SAP Business One V2007

    SAP Business One V2007A

    SAP Business One V2008

    SAP Business One V8.8

    SAP Business One V9

    SAP ByDesign


    Sigma V9

    Solarsoft Xeres

    Stirling Solutions Accounts V6.8.0

    Stirling Solutions Accounts V7.0.1

    Surf Accounts v1.0.0

    Syspro ERP V6.0

    Syspro ERP V6.1

    Syspro ERP V7.0

    TAS Books V4

    TAS FirstBooks V1

    TAS TASBooks V1

    TAS TASBooks V3.01

    TAS TASBooks V5.02

    TAS TASBooks V6

    Topaz Financials V3

    Topaz Financials V4

    Unit4 Multivers v8.1.2

    Vixsoft V4.19

    WinMan V7

    Wizdom Accounting

    Xero V2