FAQ > What reports do you generate and how are they of use to me?

What reports do you generate and how are they of use to me?

There is a number of different debtor reports automatically generated using data from your sales ledger. They can be used to ​keep track on who your biggest debtors are and the risk they expose your business to:


Aged Debtor Reports

Visual representation of the debtor book - describes the volume of invoices by the severity of lateness.

If you're applying for credit insurance / bad debt protection, an aged debtor report could be requested.

These can be exported to PDF or Excel

Best to sort the data by due date. 

Biggest & oldest debtor Report

This highlights the priority to be monitored to credit control, you may want to advise other areas of your company the biggest and oldest debtors for your company.

This can be exported to Excel or PDF

AR risk

This identifies to the credit controller which accounts are the biggest risk, this maybe useful when dealing with particular customers. 

Explore debtors

This identifies the customers in a rank of most outstanding payments. This information can be critical when customers are asking to increase credit limits. 

Credit Limit Breaches

A useful report to identify the customers that have exceeded their credit limit, this may mean that these customers are on credit hold with your company and may require a direct conversation. 

Credit Summaries

You cannot export this information.

It is a table that shows the basic credit risk level of your matched customers.

Any trends, any outstanding balance, credit limit, average payment delay for them or for the client.