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Importing your data

Your on-premise accounting software may have fallen out of sync with Satago.

It will need to be re-sync'd and to do so depends on your accounting software.

Your accounting data is shared with us via the use of a local software that is installed on your PC.

For users of Sage 50 and QuickBooks Desktop there is a local installation where the program sits in your icon tray, and so to re-sync the data, you will need to right click on the 'S' (Satago) icon and click 'Perform data sync' and allow the process to complete.

For users of other accounting software, you will need to double-click your 'Satago OSMO' application.

Furthermore, for all users, you will need to open the Satago app, and navigate to the menu 'Settings' > 'Organisation', then click on the 'Options' tab and under 'Accounting software connections' click 'Import now'.