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How secure is Satago?

 Satago keeps you safe.

·        We encrypt all data in transit - All connections, between you and our website, between our website and your accounting system and between our website and other services we use, are all encrypted to bank level security.

·        We do not update your accounting system – All data from your accounting system is treated as read-only, meaning that we do not update your accounts in any way, providing no risk to your day-to-day accounting by using Satago. In addition, we do not keep passwords for your accounting system, we keep a 'token' provided to us on your behalf by your accounting system that allows us access, this can be revoked by you at any time from your accounting system to prevent us further access should you so wish. If you ever forget your password, we cannot send it to you; you will need to reset it from the forgotten password page.

·        We keep your communications private - We will never share your communications traffic with others. We will never disclose the email addresses or contact details of your customers to any third parties, other than as necessary to operate our service - see our Privacy & Data Protection Policy and Terms & Conditions for more detailed information.