FAQ > How do Reminder, Statement and Thank You emails work?

How do Reminder, Statement and Thank You emails work?

Once you have enabled emails from the Messaging Settings section, Satago will be set-up to automatically send Reminders, Statements and Thank You emails to all customers for whom you have entered an email address in your accounting software.

Messaging settings

Note – Satago will not immediately start sending automated email reminders, statements and Thank You emails once you have enabled emails. Emails will only start being sent the following day after you have received a notification email telling you exactly which customers are scheduled to receive email reminders. Reminders are sent at 8am your local time (please specify your time zone by picking your country from the dropdown menu in the Organisation Details section), and Statements and Thank You emails between 12pm and 2pm.

If you have certain customers you do not want to send emails to, you can switch off their Reminders, Statements and/or Thank You emails by goin to your Customers page:

You can change which emails get sent and customise the text on a customer level if necessary.