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How can Satago be used by accountants?

Satago has been further developed to help accountants manage their clients with free access to our online cashflow. Our debt chaser, credit risk reports, and invoice finance products are available to use.

Accountants Dashboard

This new feature is designed for accountants to gain better visibility of their management of their clients.

Once connected and data has synchronised with your accounting software you will be able to benefit from the Dashboard as it shines light on your accounts and client relationships.

1.     Aged Debtors – a distribution of how well your clients are paying you.

2.     Risk Segments – using UK credit bureau data this shows the value of your open invoices by the level of risk of your clients.

3.     Risk Concentrations – layering the aged debtor and risk level view, shows the concentration of your open invoices – an indication of where to focus any reminder activities - you can even automate your chasing in the Satago app via templates.

4.     Highest Risk Active Customers – showing invoices open over past year, ordered by the riskier clients and showing the recent payment and correspondence activity (in Satago’s customer conversations feature).

5.     Industry Sector Concentrations – a high level view of where your accounting business is concentrated according to Standard Industry Codes.

6.     Invoices In and Out – a month-by-month indication of your accounts payable and receivable invoices raised. 

7.     Satago Referral Summary – an indication of how many of your clients you have referred to Satago and signed up, all the way through to the funding received and the commission you have earnt.

Your Clients

Gain better visibility of your client. We have developed features that allow you to:

1.     View invoices you have outstanding with you client

2.     View full credit bureau reports of your clients

3.     Set automated payment reminders and monthly statement emails on your open and late invoices.

4.     At glance, view when their next Accounts and Confirmation Statements are next due and other information reported at Companies House.

5.     Observe which accounting package you have set them up on and when they last connected.

6.     See how their invoice funding opportunity ‘Eligible Invoices’ and their current funding levels.

7.     Review their debtor performance – their Aged Debtors.

Accountants Dashboard - Customers example

Accountants Rewards Programme

Click here to find out more about our Accountants Reward Programme where you can earn revenue from any clients you successfully refer for invoices finance with Satago.

How do I get set up?

You will firstly need to connect to Satago by registering via the website .

One of our experienced account managers will contact you to support set your account up and explain how the service works.

You will need to connect your accounting software to have your clients and invoice data available so that you can manage your accounts. Set up is easy, and not only do we support the Cloud accounting software, we also support many on-premise software so that you can synchronise your data. Click here to see software we support.

Satago is free for accounting firms Contact us to find out more.