Get your Invoices paid up to 72% faster

Using our award winning automated credit control can get your invoices paid much faster.


Reviews and Awards

We have recieved recognition across the UK for our innovative and flexible solutions.

"Customers respond so much quicker to the emails, they look professional. It is a very effective and time saving tool."

Margit McQueen, Bergmann Direct


Save time and get paid faster

Satago’s automated payment reminders can save you over seven hours a week in admin tasks and reduce your debtor days by up to 72%.

Create a seamless customer experience

Satago integrates with all major email providers (including Gmail and Outlook) so you can send automated payment reminders from your own email address.

Receive customer replies in your inbox and track them within the platform, so you’re always on top of invoice queries.

Add late fees at the touch of a button

If you want to charge late fees on overdue invoices, Satago will automatically calculate the fees in line with statutory limits and add them to your payment reminders when an invoice becomes overdue.

Give your automated emails the personal touch

Edit email templates to suit your tone of voice, add a personalised email signature, adjust your sending schedule on a customer level, or turn off emails for a specific customer or invoice.

Free Invoice Template

If you are just looking for a free template for the creation of an invoice, look no further. We provide a very simple, editable Word document, that contains all of the information that you need to create an invoice.

Download our free, customisable invoice template and start sending beautifully constructed, professional-looking invoices to your customers.

Click here to download the invoice template

Discover the benefits of Satago for your business

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Connected to your accounting software, whatever you use


Why choose Satago?

Satago can help your business thrive.

  • Automate your invoice chasing, saving over seven hours a week in admin tasks.
  • Reduce debtor days by up to 72%.
  • Protect against late payments with our risk insight tools (no need to buy additional credit checking software).
  • Access fast and flexible funding, if and when you need it.

Protect your business against late payments and keep your cashflow healthy. Register today to find out more.

“The response from the first week of email reminders was fantastic and we brought our 90+ days debtors down by £12,500 in one week. Our debtors as of today continue to drop thanks to the weekly email reminders sent to clients."

Gemma Parker, Tussies Chartered Accountants


Discover the benefits of Satago for your business

Start your 14 day free trial today.