Supercharge your clients' credit control

Offer your clients a premium credit control service which has a significant impact on their debtor days.

Award-winning software

“One of the clients we worked with, their debtor days were 144 and now they're down in the high 30s. Their cash balance has gone up by £25,000.”

Steve Timmis, Sempar Accountancy & Tax


Reduce client debtor days

Satago's automated payment reminders can reduce client debtor days by up to 72% and significantly impact their cash balance, whilst saving time.

Mission Control for credit control

Satago puts your clients' debtor data at your fingertips. Get an overview of their open invoices at a glance and pinpoint which clients are struggling with late payments and why.


Seamless integration


Satago integrates with your and your clients' accounting software in a few clicks, including Sage, Xero, Quickbooks and 300+ accounting packages.


Satago connects to your clients' email provider and sends automated payment reminders, monthly statements and thank you emails to customers from their own email address.


Email templates and sending schedules are fully customisable and clients can add late payment fees at the touch of a button.


Protect against bad debt

As well as automated credit control, Satago provides credit checking software which can help protect your clients against late payments and bad debt.

Provide access to flexible finance

If your clients need to cover a cash gap, they can get an advance on their unpaid invoices within the Satago platform. All they need to do is click to apply and once approved they’ll get a cash advance in a matter of hours.


Offer a premium cash management service to your clients today, with Satago.