The Credit Control Service Handbook

The ultimate credit control service guide for accountants and bookkeepers


If you told your clients that you could increase the money in their bank account and save them hours of stress each month, how many would want to hear more? If the answer is “most of them!” then it might be time to start offering a credit control service.

Satago's Credit Control Service Handbook is everything you need to set up a credit control solution that delivers the best results for your clients.

This guide will show you how to:

  • Help your clients get paid faster and avoid bad debt
  • Solve a problem that affects hundreds of thousands of UK businesses each year
  • Alleviate client stress and deliver on your duty of care
  • Earn additional, repeatable revenue for your practice
Input from practice growth experts
Will Farnell
Will Farnell
Farnell Clarke Limited
Rowan Van Tromp
Rowan Van Tromp
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