Cash Flow Solutions for a small distribution company

The Business

Richard owns an artisanal tea company, specializing in the distribution of hand-selected rare teas. He has a lot on his plate: managing the business, finances and sales, searching for new products, and fulfilling customer orders. When he sends out invoices, not all clients pay on time. Keeping cash flowing is important for Richard to buy inventory and pay his staff.

The Approach

Satago helps Richard solve this problem. With new customers, he first runs a Credit Check to minimize the risk of payment delays. Additionally, he uses Invoice Financing. Satago advances him up to 85% of an invoice's face value at a cost much more competitive than traditional bank financing. This way, Richard knows he has the cash to keep his business going, allowing him to focus on finding the next great tea.

Richard's Cash Flow

Richards cash flow

How Does Invoice Finance Work?

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