Cash Flow Solutions for a medium-sized agency

The Business

Claire and Helen own a successful retail design firm, which specializes in seasonal displays for fashion boutiques. They've built strong relationships with large brands and seem to have more work than available resources. With a staff of 14 people plus freelancers, as well as frequent travel, they need a lot of money each month to fulfill their projects, so working capital and cash are very important.

The Approach

Their administrative manager Robert sends invoices to clients and follows up on payments. To avoid delays, Robert uses Satago to send out Invoice Reminders. This service keeps the client's paperwork moving and ensures Claire and Helen get paid faster. Additionally, Robert uses Invoice Financing to keep cash flowing. He reviews the receivables each month, decides which invoices to finance, and makes sure Helen and Claire approve of Satago pre-funding these receivables. This way, the company has the capital to take on their next great brand.

Robert's Cash Flow

Roberts cash flow

Aged Debtors Report