Cash Flow Solutions for a manufacturing company

The Business

Brian runs a specialty pipe fitting company. He manufactures a variety of fittings for petrochemical factories, architectural fittings for construction, and custom pipe fittings. The company sells its products through a distributor network and to select end-users. Since the products are so specialized, business is distributed between a handful of customers. This means that the company needs to ensure that their clients are reliable.

The Approach

When a new customer contacts the company, they use Satago to run a Credit Report to see if this distributor will be a quality customer. Since the construction and manufacturing sectors are sensitive to economic trends, they continually monitor existing customers to ensure their credit risk exposure is minimized.

Even reliable customers sometimes pay late, so Brian's bookkeeper Janet sends out Invoice Reminders using Satago. This speeds up the payment process and ensures that the company always has the cash to complete their orders.

Credit Risk Reports