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Adam Hayeem

15 May 2018

How can Satago help you manage your cash flow?


How do you manage your cash flow?

How can you avoid obstructions in your financial funnel?

And where can you find that hidden well of cash you so desperately need?

If only there were a way to make things straightforward and simple.



Managing your cash flow, as most business owners know can be the difference between a make or break enterprise. Knowing how much money is on hand, where it’s going and when it’s coming in is key to ensuring that your company maintains stability and profitability.

That’s all well and good, we hear you say, but where’s the practical advice?

Cash Flow lifecycle

It’s said that “around half of new businesses fail. In 90% of cases, cash flow is the killer.”

Either the business fails to identify need versus demand, rates and costs escalate beyond control or they’re simply too inexperienced to judge the minutia of the cash flow lifecycle.

Products and services alike require development and take time to reach maturity. To begin with, the cost of creation will see your green line head swiftly into the red, but as your assets mature the cash flow should become more positive…but you can’t rely on the lifecycle to take care of itself, you need to tailor it to your demand.

How can Satago help me manage my cash flow?

Satago offers a cash flow solution that helps you focus on growing your business now rather than waiting for invoices to be paid.

Select invoices one at a time. You decide.

Late payments is one of the major contributors to a poor cash flow.

With over 50% of SMEs having no proper credit control processes in place it's time to equip them with the right tool so that they become more proactive but at the same time spend less time doing it.

Automated payment chasing, under your control

We help you to customise invoice reminders, statements and 'Thank You' emails by escalation level and customer. Satago automates the time-intensive process of chasing late paying customers via e-mail and post, but offers a personal touch that makes all the difference!

If you’d like to learn more about Satago and our Cash Flow solutions, contact one of our highly-trained executives and we will happily show you how you can reach stability.