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Eleanor Beaumont-Smith

23 Apr 2019

Case Study - Reducing the impact that late payments has on your clients

Satago works with Telfords to help reduce late payments and better advise their clients on their cashflow using real-time data.

Kent-based Telfords Chartered Accountants focus their efforts on working with small businesses throughout London and the South East. Telfords specifically works with ambitious business owners to help them achieve their goals, both business and personal. The mantra of Telfords is that this is not achieved by submitting accounts and returns on time – that is just the bare minimum, but by helping them achieve more whether it be business growth business sale, succession/ retirement planning, business improvement or most importantly, personal goals.

Like many of our accounting partners, up to 50-75% of Telford’s clients are affected by late payments, which has a profound impact on their cashflow.  Being able to properly advice on how to avoid cashflow gaps can be challenging, especially when certain metrics like aged debtor reports are not readily available. This is where Satago steps in. Telfords utilises Satago’s free to use Accountants Dashboard to provide clients with clarity on their aged debtor reports as well as to help clients to automate their debtor book management as well as monitor and advise how they are using the tools.

Satago fits seamlessly into the work processes which Telfords use. The emphasis being on using real time information from online accounts software which is often delivered through online meetings to provide relevant, accurate and up to date information to help client’s run their businesses.

The Satago platform is also a discussion starter! If there are flagged changes on the platform, Telfords uses that information to raise changes with their clients and ask if they have noticed the change or if there are any problems. This proactive behaviour cements Telfords as a trusted advisor and demonstrates to the client that they have their back. The information on the platform breaks down metrics from Xero/QBO/Sage, to make them easier to digest and understand how to make positive changes going forward. 

“Satago has taken our ability to help clients manage and forecast their cash flow more accurately and obtain finance, at the right time, to a new level. In my opinion it's head and shoulders above other providers in what is becoming a very crowded marketplace.” - Mark Telford, Director, Telfords Chartered Accountants