Tilly Michell

14 May 2020

Who says automation can't be personal?

Automating your invoice chasing process is the best way to make sure your customers pay on time. The only problem? Some automated emails lack the personal touch. 

At Satago, we’ve launched a new feature as part of our Premium subscription. Our automated emails now integrate seamlessly with your existing mailbox, so you can send your clients automated payment reminders, statements and thank you messages directly from your mailbox.  


• Customers are more likely to read and react to emails from an address they recognise  

• Receive customer replies in your inbox (or your accounts mailbox) and keep on top of payment queries 

• Track messages and replies within the Satago app 

• Customers don’t need to know your emails are automated 

The cost of late payments

A recent study by Intuit Quickbooks found that small businesses spend a total of 56.4 million hours every year manually chasing invoices. Despite this, late payment debt costs UK businesses a total of £23.4bn a year.

Satago’s award winning automated invoice chasing tool is proven to shorten your debtor days and get you paid on time, whilst cutting down the time your business spends chasing late payments.  

You can set up automated payment reminders, thank you emails and monthly statements for your customers. Personalise your emails or use Satago’s pre-populated templates. 

Satago offers credit control, risk analysis and access to invoice financing all in one easy to use platform. To find out more about how Satago could help your business, get in touch with your Account Manager or book a demo now