Martin Bissett

29 Apr 2019

Accelerating Your Accountex Experience

Around this time last year, I wrote one of those post-Accountex summaries where the theme of the piece was:


Practitioners were reporting that the sheer volume of information and the offers made available to them at the show meant that they had returned to their office with bags fun of swag and heads full of bewilderment.

Will this year be any different for you? Well, if you turn up on the day and start clocking up several aimless laps of the Exhibition Hall then, no.

If you’ve attended Accountex in previous years, you know that you’ll be confronted by hundreds of offers, hundreds of speaker sessions, mountains of content and all in the company of thousands of people.

Certainly, last year, the firms that I spoke to highlighted to me that they were struggling.

A. Struggling to get to speak to everyone they want to at the show.
B. Struggling to know what they need in terms of practice technology and what is superfluous to them.
C. Struggling to know where to begin with the live sessions.
D. Struggling to find new staff, new clients, acceptable levels of profitability, self-esteem etc.

On the other side of the argument, Accountex also represents a huge opportunity for the development of your firm.

E. An opportunity to learn from practitioners and thought leaders alike.
F. An opportunity to network with other practitioners in a similar position to yourself
G. An opportunity to bring yourself, your firm and your clients completely up to date with the technology and support that will ultimately make everyone’s lives a lot easier.

So how do you avoid the first four scenarios above and enjoy the second three?


All of the speaking timetable and exhibitors are now published at

So there’s nothing to stop you from preparing for what could be the two most educational days of your 2019, to ensure that you get the most out of your time away from the office.

Over the 7 years that I have attended and spoken at the show, I’ve found the following five simple tips will maximise your experience on the day.

1. Register and print your badge before travelling to avoid the queues.
2. Decide the top 3 objectives you want to achieve from the show and go after those first (Speakers you wish to listen to, software you wish to see a demonstration of, colleagues that you wish to meet with etc) and make those your priority above all other distractions placed in your way.
3. Have a ‘If I get time…’ shopping list of other objectives you wish to achieve while you’re there.
4. Take your diary/online calendar with you to schedule any follow ups you wish to carry out.
5. Invite people that interest you to connect with you on social media to avoid having to remember which of all those business cards you collected belong to which of all those conversations that you had.

Most of all, please remember that Accountex is followed by a bank holiday weekend this year, which means that your experience on the day will have faded by a week’s worth of sleep, time off and workload catchup by the time you come to review what you learned on the day.

A simple pre-show plan will avoid all the pitfalls and give you the maximum return on your time out of the office.

After all, who doesn’t enjoy a day out in London?

I look forward to seeing you there.

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