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Speed up your accounts receivable collection, right away.

Using our award winning AR automation software Satago can get your invoices paid up to 72% faster.

  • Send your first A/R reminders in as little as 3 minutes
  • Get a realtime overview of your entire accounts receivable book
  • Reduce your DSO by up to 72%

Risk Insights & Credit Reports

customised templates

Get the most out of your automated reminders by customising the email templates to suit your business language and tonality.

Flexible Schedule

flexible schedule

Create a schedule that is best for your company. Choose the days and the times that emails will be sent to your clients.

Advanced Tracking

advanced tracking

See when your automated emails are sent, and follow their progress from delivery to being opened.

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Get the most out of Satago during your free trial

Satago’s 2-week free trial allows you to take our software for a test drive before you pay for it, but where do you start? Here is a list of simple steps you can take to get the most out of Satago during your free trial.

Awards for our innovation and flexible solutions

When we innovate we have our customer at heart. It is the user who we serve, and thanks to that our innovative solutions have received recognition from the top UK banking and credit awards.

Seamlessly Intergrates with your Accounting Software
Leverage Automation

Automate your collections

Use Satago to set up systematic and personalized reminders so that your customers pay on time.

  • Send automated, intellegent email reminders from a single system
  • Keep track of all of your emails, customers, invoices and payments
  • Give your teams the visibility they need, at no extra cost

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Give your automated emails the personal touch

Edit email templates to suit your tone of voice, add a personalised email signature, adjust your sending schedule on a customer level, or turn off emails for a specific customer or invoice.

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